Jul 02

Tools of the Trade

For a successful execution of Option trades, one needs a versatile platform that lets you analyse the trade, conduct back testing, play with various options before placing the trade. I use ThinkorSwim platform for my trading.

For crunching numbers, nothing comes close to online Google spreadsheets. I can fetch Stock prices (no option prices). Here is a sample:

For news, I depend on Bloomberg TV and CNBC app on Ipad. Both are free apps on Itunes store.

For interesting articles and contrarian views, I head over to SeekingAlpha.

For reference, I always have The Bible of Option Strategies handy on my desk. I can look up strategies by name, volatility and income using this useful guide by Guy Cohen.

Jun 23


I am an amateur trader and will be posting my trades on this blog. My trades are not recommendations. I will try to post my reasoning for my trades. I am open to constructive criticism. Feel free to post your comments about my  trades or post your own trade if it makes more sense. My favorite stocks for Options trading are AAPL, AMZN, CMG, GOOG, ISRG, MA and PCLN. I often trade SPY and VXX to hedge my portfolio. My favorite Options strategies are Vertical spreads, Iron Condors, Backratio spreads and occasional short puts.

Besides trading, I have other interests that will unfold as I post them on this blog.